NaaS Transformation Technical Course

Learn the technical details about Network as a Service (NaaS), including framework, components, principles, benefits, transition options and steps, Industry collaboration, and how you can play a role in the transformation.

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What you'll learn


✔ Drivers for NaaS transformation

✔ Details behind the components including domain definition, APIs, gateway, and transition strategy

✔ Current entanglement between Networks and IT

✔ NaaS alignment with industry collaborations and standards

✔ NaaS framework principles, components, benefits with examples and Proof of Concept demo

✔ NaaS transformation steps

✔ Comparison from current to future processes highlighting the benefits

✔ Other NaaS Compass transformation solutions to fast track your NaaS transformation journey

James Crawshaw

Principal Analyst at Omdia

Excellent Guide! This is a great introduction to the topic of NaaS.

Faisal Khan

Senior Sp. Manager Technology Planning & Arch. Core,Transport, SDN, NFV, TelcoCloud, at Mobily

A good course on anyone looking for NAAS concepts.

A certificate will be issued after the successful course completion.

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Waiting won't get you ahead of the game! NaaS Compass is here to guide and help you understand how a NaaS Transformation will make your company more agile, competitive and address future markets. Think of the future possibilities you can help enable! 

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