NaaS Transformation Overview Course

Learn the basic concepts of Network as a Service (NaaS), the drivers, framework components, benefits, and the transformation enablers. Learn why NaaS Transformation is critical in enabling your company to compete and what your role can be in the transformation.

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What you'll learn


✔ Drivers for NaaS transformation

✔ NaaS transformation steps

✔ Current entanglement between Networks and IT

✔ Other NaaS Compass transformation solutions to fast track your NaaS transformation journey

✔ Comparison from current to future processes

James Crawshaw

Principal Analyst at Omdia

Excellent Guide! This is a great introduction to the topic of NaaS.


Rhodo O.

It was very comprehensive and exciting.   It was particularly interesting for me as I am focused on IoT connectivity and its management (OSS/BSS) aaS, which will need to be transformed in order to reap the full benefits of NaaS. 

A certificate will be issued after the successful course completion.

Time for Action

Understanding the benefits that a NaaS Transformation can bring to your company and how you can play a role is key for achieving a successful NaaS Transformation! NaaS Compass is here to guide and help you understand how a NaaS Transformation will make your company more agile, competitive and address future markets. Think of the future possibilities you can help enable! 

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