NaaS Technical API Course

Learn the technical details behind the Open APIs used for the complete lifecycle of NaaS. This 4-hour course provides a comprehensive in-depth NaaS data model, APIs, payloads with different examples and best practice recommendations.

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What you'll learn


✔ NaaS API Requirements and Use Cases

✔ API Flows, Events, Swagger Specifications

✔ TMF Open Source APIs Releases 4.0 and 4.1

✔ API Characteristics vs Strongly Type Comparison

✔ Individual NaaS API Overviews

✔ API Operations and Notification Payloads

✔ Individual NaaS API Data Modelling

✔ Swaggerhub NaaS Compass Student Access

✔ API Principles and Patterns

✔ NaaS API Best Practices

Target Audience

Network/IT architects, solution engineers, project managers, software developers

Course duration: 3 hours 50 mins

Release Date:  February 2021


This advanced course provides in-depth, hands-on training with practical exercises and solutions, covering all aspects of NaaS APIs. 

It is recommended that students have at least some knowledge of Rest APIs as found in :

A certificate will be issued after the successful course completion.

Time for Action

Inertia won't take you where you need to go. NaaS Compass is here to guide and help you. Think of the future possibilities supported by NaaS APIs! 

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