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Leverage NaaS Compass strategic advisory services, comprehensive governance framework and the first NaaS Transformation and NaaS API online courses.

As of August 1st, the founder has decided to retire as a result NaaS Compass will be closing down.  

 Thank you for your support over the years. 

Why Transform?

For CSPs to address the high growth markets of IoT and enterprise applications, they need to transform the communications between their back-office systems (OSS/BSS) to networks to expose the network's capabilities as Services (i.e., Network as a Service).


Online Courses

Whether you just want to learn what NaaS transformation will mean for you or you want to learn the technical details behind a NaaS Transformation and the NaaS APIs, there are courses for you and your team.  We can also work with your training department to create group bundles and course customization.  

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Advisory Services

For anyone looking for more advanced strategic and advisory services to assist with your NaaS Transformation journey, validating your business case, planning the implementation, and executing the lasting NaaS transformation.

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Program Governance 

There are many issues to be considered in a NaaS transformation. NaaS Compass offers a comprehensive NaaS Transformation program governance framework and platform including 50+ pre-defined projects, that are customizable, to accelerate your NaaS transformation.

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Guy Lupo, former Head of NaaS 2020, Orchestration & Data & API

“One of the most critical path challenges I had in the NaaS Transformation in Telstra was the alignment of eleven different domains with their team, management and executives. We needed to agree to the milestones, understand the concept of NaaS, benefits, and outcomes and engagement of the project teams to form the initial cadence. Even after spending over 6 month of endless meetings, every personnel change, or new vendor or other event, would trigger new onboarding sessions again!

If I would have had this training when we did NaaS in Telstra, I would have been able to not only accelerate our execution, but also create a repeatable and scalable on-boarding process saving months of labour and costs.”

Grant Lenahan, Partner and Principal Analyst, Appledore Research

"Appledore strongly believe that operators must transform to 'Everything as a Service' – a paradigm shift in which all capabilities are built, managed and treated as re-usable modules, and abstracted “aaS”. In this way, operations are streamlined, innovation is expedited, intent-based operations are enabled, and third-party exposure becomes a much simpler matter of commercial exposure. We also emphasized that many of the challenges that CSPs face in their journey to agility and “EaaS” operations are held back by human, organizational and knowledge factors. NaaS Compass can help to begin the mass transition not just of strategy and aspiration, but of understanding and organizational support for new ways of operating."

Course Feedback

 Excellent Training!

"Re-engineering the IT and Networking Taskforce in a Service Provider or an Operator ecosystem for the sake of addressing current Capex and Opex challenges can be daunting, especially when the complexities of managing Product, Services and Resources get multiplied by n number of technology domains that get attached to it. This excellent training overview from "Naas Compass" removes all doubts on how and why NaaS is the only way to make this integration possible and sustainable without reforming or re-engineering but by merely Transforming the environment using NaaS as the Master-key." Pradeep Varadarajan, Perpetual Solutions

Well prepared course for anyone! 

"The course is very well prepared and designed it is helpful to understanding what means NAAS, it is done for all skill, not only for engineers, technicians, developers etc.. anyone could take this course if they want to dive in the NAAS world, give the first steps in the NAAS direction." Gustavo Domingos, Telefonica

Very good course!

"Very good course to understand NaaS framework and very interesting to see how other Service providers are approaching NaaS transformation" Mario Daniel Di Paolo, Telefonica

 Clear benefits for any company considering NaaS!

"Any Company (Service provider, enterprise, supplier) considering the idea of NaaS (whether offering or supporting or buying) will benefit from the clear summary and presentation of this course. It helps understanding the architecture, the goals, the requirements, and hints on implementation steps. It is an accelerator that will allow you to get deep in the standards and understand the common language and terminology."  Jose Manuel de Arce, Telefonica

Great course! 

"Great course with a clear message and lots of examples, easy to follow and understand. It is a transformation of a whole company and needs an effort of all!" Jana Niederöst, Swisscom

Really well done!

"Really well done. Explains a complex concept in a simple and easy to understand (and entertaining) manner." Chris King, Santa Lucia Consulting

 Excellent guide!

"Excellent Guide! This is a great introduction to the topic of NaaS."

James Crawshaw, Principal Analyst at Omdia

Very useful technical course!

"This has been a very useful NaaS API technical course. It gives a nice run down of the APIs and how to use them. I would appreciate an even further deep dive of an e2e scenario example and how to start putting the APIs and the sequence diagram together." Panagiotis Georgopoulos, Swisscom

Great insight on NaaS!

Deepa MolletiTelstra

Excellent course!

"This has been an excellent NaaS Transformation technical course. It is not that the content is unknown or innovative, people working with and around the NaaS concept are familiar with what is described here. However, the content is described with extreme clarity and very systematically that guides you through the right thoughts and transformational steps. Many thanks." Panagiotis Georgopoulos, Swisscom

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