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Leverage NaaS Compass strategic advisory services, comprehensive governance framework and the first NaaS Transformation and NaaS API online courses.

Why Transform?

For CSPs to address the high growth markets of IoT and enterprise applications, they need to transform the communications between their back-office systems (OSS/BSS) to networks to expose the network's capabilities as Services (i.e., Network as a Service).


Online Courses

Whether you just want to learn what NaaS transformation will mean for you or you want to learn the technical details behind a NaaS Transformation and the NaaS APIs, there are courses for you and your team.  We can also work with your training department to create group bundles and course customization.  

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Advisory Services

For anyone looking for more advanced strategic and advisory services to assist with your NaaS Transformation journey, validating your business case, planning the implementation, and executing the lasting NaaS transformation.

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Program Governance 

There are many issues to be considered in a NaaS transformation. NaaS Compass offers a comprehensive NaaS Transformation program governance framework and platform including 50+ pre-defined projects, that are customizable, to accelerate your NaaS transformation.

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Guy Lupo, former Head of NaaS 2020, Orchestration & Data & API

“One of the most critical path challenges I had in the NaaS Transformation in Telstra was the alignment of eleven different domains with their team, management and executives. We needed to agree to the milestones, understand the concept of NaaS, benefits, and outcomes and engagement of the project teams to form the initial cadence. Even after spending over 6 month of endless meetings, every personnel change, or new vendor or other event, would trigger new onboarding sessions again!

If I would have had this training when we did NaaS in Telstra, I would have been able to not only accelerate our execution, but also create a repeatable and scalable on-boarding process saving months of labour and costs.”

Grant Lenahan, Partner and Principal Analyst, Appledore Research

'Appledore strongly believe that operators must transform to “Everything as a Service” – a paradigm shift in which all capabilities are built, managed and treated as re-usable modules, and abstracted “aaS”. In this way, operations are streamlined, innovation is expedited, intent-based operations are enabled, and third-party exposure becomes a much simpler matter of commercial exposure.” “We also emphasized that many of the challenges that CSPs face in their journey to agility and “EaaS” operations are held back by human, organizational and knowledge factors. NaaS Compass can help to begin the mass transition not just of strategy and aspiration, but of understanding and organizational support for new ways of operating.'

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